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CFP Group Information

CFP Group Philosophy

Challenge to the Future Possibility

CFP Group has been taking up the challenge to create new value and seek future possibilities for our customers and society.

Company Policy

Client Trust Work with a sincere and proactive attitude to build rapport with our clients. Improvement of Working Environments Make every effort to improve employee job satisfaction. We will develop a spirit of teamwork and trust for the growth of the employee and the company. Secure Management Seek to secure a reasonable profit in order to support sustainable development toward higher levels of operation in line with our proactive and reliable business activities. Contribution to Society Encourage environmental protection activities and create value to help society.

Origin of Our Company Name

Challenge Future Possibilty

CFPconsists of taking the initial letters of the Challenge to the Future Possibility, and contains our corporate intent.

Message from CEO

Challenge to the Future Possibility

CFP Group hold up the following as an ideal: “Challenge to the Future Possibility”.
This ideal is the origin of our company name. We have continued to walk with the hope in our hearts that "we shall create new values that will be useful to society and want to be a company that is always needed by everyone."
To realize this hope even more, we have formulated the following as CFP Group purpose: 【Creating a carbon-neutral tomorrow with stakeholders】.
And through a hybrid recycle of material recycling and chemical recycling, we are working at building a sustainable society.
Our business exists on a relationship of mutual trust with stakeholders. We think that, in particular, responding one at a time to the expectations of all stakeholders, up through customers, employees, society, and the global environment, will lead to a rise in the value of our company.
While making our foundation the recycling technologies and knowledge that we have cultivated amid relations with many people so far, we continue to aim, under everyone's guidance and support, to be a "company that continues to try things and evolve."

In June, 2023 CEO Namie Fukuda

Group Organization Chart


Oct. 2003
Found CFP CORPORATION with 3 million Japanese Yen as capital.
Sep. 2004
Increase capital up to 10 million Japanese Yen.
Sep. 2005
Open the office and warehouse at Shikoku.
Jan. 2006
Move the head office and warehouse to the current address.
Run the factory and start recycling SBR.
Apr. 2007
Change from limited liability company to corporation with stockholders joining the business entity.
May 2007
Found CFP PLANNING CO., LTD. with 9 million Japanese Yen as capital.
Mar. 2008
Build office and warehouse in Shikoku.
Jun. 2010
Found RECYCLE ENERGY CO., LTD. with 9 million Japanese Yen as capital.
Feb. 2011
RECYCLE ENERGY CO., LTD established Kitakyushu R&D office.
Found CFP Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. with SG$300,000 as capital.
CFP CORPORATION Increase capital up to 30 million Japanese Yen from 10 million Japanese Yen.
RECYCLE ENERGY CO., LTD. Increase capital up to 20 million Japanese Yen from 9 million Japanese Yen.
Jun. 2012
Merge the subsidiary, CFP TRADING CORPORATION.
CFP PLANNING CO., LTD. Increase capital up to 20 million Japanese Yen from 9 million Japanese Yen.
Minohama Factory starts the operation.
Apr. 2013
We have started the operation of Chubu Factory.
RECYCLE ENERGY CO., LTD. Increase capital up to 40 million Japanese Yen from 20 million Japanese Yen.
CFP Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. has been moved to the current address.
Apr. 2014
We have started the operation of Ranzan Factory.
CFP PLANNING CO., LTD. Increase capital up to 50 million Japanese Yen from 20 million Japanese Yen.
Completed our 2nd factory in Minohama.
Jan. 2015
Opened Tokyo Office.
Completed Miyazaki warehouse.
May. 2016
CFP Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. has been moved to the current address.
CFP CORPORATION Increase capital up to 90 million Japanese Yen from 30 million Japanese Yen.
June. 2017
R&D office has been moved to the current address.
Tokyo office has been moved to the current address.
Aug. 2018
We have started the operation of Minohama Power Station.
CFP Trading Singapore Pte. Ltd. has been moved to the current address.
Jan. 2019
Start reprocessing facility by extruder at Takamatsu factory.
Mar. 2020
Completed 4th warehouse at Minohama factory.
Start reprocessing facility by extruder at Minohama Factory.
Oct. 2021
Add extruder at Minohama Factory.
Nov. 2022
Okayama chemical recycling factory opened.
R&D office has been moved to the current address.

Our Approach to CSR & SDGs

We are members of society and will contribute to the sustainable growth of "society itself." Our business operations are conducted within the "relation" with our stakeholders.
As we conduct our business on this planet Earth, we feel that our presence, which causes great impact, as well as the "Global environment," a presence which requires great consideration, are each one of our valued stakeholders as well.
We are progressing in our CSR efforts while holding dear our "relation" with all of our stakeholders, as we continue our challenge to realize a sustainable society through a variety of business operations.
Stakeholders Global EnvironmentCustomers and
Partner Companies
Employees SocietyCFP GroupPriority areas As we clearly define our 4 priority areas and concentrate our efforts there, we will deepen the "relation" with our stakeholders, and make sustainable society a reality. Coexistence
and Prosperity
Social Contributions
Together with our stakeholders, we will make our development efforts a long-term and stable endeavor, while also observing the laws and societal norms, and fulfilling our social responsibilities.
Each and every one of our employees conducts themselves with a high sense of ethics, endeavoring to build the kind of company that our society needs, while working to make coexistence and prosperity based on mutual trust with all of our stakeholders a reality.

Toward Realizing Carbon Neutrality by 2050 we will promote material-recycling, chemical recycling and non-fossil fuel energy, contributing to the building of a sustainable society and a better global environment.
In order to raise awareness of environmental conservation issues, such as low carbon, low environmental load, and resource recycling, we will disseminate information and educate our employees on environmental matters, actively tackling global environmental issues through our corporate activities.

We will support the growth of each employee, so everyone can demonstrate their skills over the long term, aiming to create new values. The company and employees will work together to create a work environment that respects and recognizes diverse values.
We will promote the happiness of all employees and work together with employees to contribute to creating a more prosperous society.

We recognize the role we should fulfill as a member of society to create a better Global environment and a society where everyone can live comfortably. We aim to grow in harmony with the community.
We will contribute to the sustainable development of the community by actively promoting social contributions, including supporting activities of a variety of organizations.

 Our Initiatives  

Supply Clean Energy
Climate Change Measures

  • Procurement will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines for formulating business plans for biomass power generation.
    Please view CFP Group's policies on our efforts towards a Sustainable Society here.(Japanese text only)
  • For Sustainable Development, the spread of clean and inexpensive energy is essential. We play a part in the spread of clean energy through research and development of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant and Biomass power generation.
  • We are contributing to the construction of a sustainable recycling society through the recycling of business waste plastics.
  • Install solar panels and plant trees at all our locations.
  • While promoting paperless work, we are using environmentally-friendly paper, such as envrionmentally-certified paper for printed materials.

Rewarding and ease of work

We are striving to create a workplace where each and every employee can demonstrate their ability. We will continue to promote the creation of a comfortable working environment and support the enrichment of employees' lives through their work.
  • We are approaching gender equality through efforts such as creating a good work environment, appointing female employees as executives, and promoting the acquisition of paternity leave for male employees.
  • We are implementing systems that allow employees to flexibly choose their work styles according to their lifestyles, such as promoting use of paid vacation and work from home.
  • We are also taking into consideration the opinions of employees in all positions through communication via groupware and using them to improve the office environment.

Business Continuity Plan

In order to continue business in the case of a natural disaster and minimize the impact such a disaster would have on business partners and the local community, we have created the business continuity plan and received certification from Chugoku Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry. We also conduct regular disaster prevention drills at all our centers in Japan to raise employee awareness of disaster prevention.  

Information Security Measures

We have declared that we would work on information security measures and established an information security policy. We will strive to improve the safety and confidentiality of information assets and work to earn the trust of our business partners and other stakeholders.
(Japanese text only)

Cleanup Activities

We regularly carry out cleaning activities in our areas to improve the local landscape. we are working hard at raising the environmental awareness of each of our company employees.

Donation and Support Activities

To contribute to the positive development of local communities through our activities and to build trust with the community, we make donations to various associations based on decision by employees.
We have supported many different associations that promote "environmental conservation", "food security", "children's health and lives", and the like, through donations.

Some associations we have supported in the past