CFP mission is to keep on thinking how we can achieve our goal for our customers and our societies.

The CFP Group and its employees are committed to an innovative outlook with the aim of being world leaders in the field of their work.

The origin of CFP GROUP comes from CFP CORPORATION founded in 2003 with the business type focusing on reprocessed plastics. Since then our corporate philosophy has been “Challenge to the Future Possibility.” We highly esteem the collaboration with our customers and keep on various challenges.
Now we set up several group companies in order to meet our customers’ needs promptly and precisely, and based on Asia we are doing business with the whole world. From now on our goal is prompt decision-making and vitalization of the whole organization. By taking advantage of the power derived from our global business network, we will focus on exploring new market, and technology / expertise advancement. We will continue to make progress to meet our customers’ needs.

We are confident that our daily business activities and efforts will contribute to the development of society and the prosperity of our clients.

CFP Group

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