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Our company attended the environment exhibition “ENTECH POLLUTEC 2011” during June 1~ 4, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Number of visitors: 16,997
Number of exhibitors: about 150 companies

A lot of people who are involved and interested in the environment issue came to visit our booth.

We also accepted the interview by a local TV station. (The woman is said to be a famous TV hostess in Thailand).
The interview would soon be broadcasted at that weekend. We were very happy that our oil-converting plant has attracted so much attention.


We had a business talk with the government staff of Lao PDR. They complained that they have big trouble in disposal of waste plastics. Because of the cordial relations between Lao PDR and Japan, they visit Japan 2, 3 times per year, and would like to see the demonstration of our oil-converting plant.

A lovely customer visited our booth on the first day and came back again on the last day of the exhibition. And he also brought some samples for us. The materials were PP (perfect for processing) and PVC (a little difficult for processing).

*Our oil-converting plant can process up to 10% of PVC, which can’t be converted into oil by using the ordinary method!

During these 4 days, I really felt that there is a great potential market in Thailand. Our product could help solve both garbage problem and fossil fuel depletion problem. I hope to promote and let the whole world know more about our oil-converting plant.

~Digression 1~
Although we are female as well, we couldn’t take our eyes off the two beautiful assistants from the booth at the opposite site. I wonder why Thai women are so pretty…


~Digression 2~
Ronald McDonald also put his hands together, just like saying “ขอบคุณ (thank you!)”
It was so rare that I couldn’t help taking a photo.


Overseas Sales Robinson