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Our company attended the environment exhibition “N-EXPO 2011 TOKYO” during May 24~27, 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.

Number of visitors: 157,905
Number of exhibitors: 547 companies



The famous annual event in the environmental business field “N-EXPO 2011 TOKYO” ― this year it was also held in Tokyo Big Sight.



On the day for preparation, we went to the booth at around 10:00AM. It looked like everything was still under construction and I started to worry about whether we could make it on time for tomorrow’s opening. However, our baggage arrived at the exhibition hall as scheduled and everything was almost done in the evening.


Due to the earthquake there were fewer exhibitors this time so the aisles were a bit wider than usual. Besides, due to the brownout around 30% of the lights were kept off and the exhibition hall was kind of dark.



Luckily from the first day we had a lot of visitors including those who had contacted us before and those we met here at the first time. The visitors want to convert various kinds of plastics into oil such as wire-coating resins, thermoset resins and films with paper evaporated. Furthermore some customers mentioned they have trouble dealing with those waste plastics from the earthquake. Councilors and government officials also came visit our booth. Environmental issues indeed draw a lot of attention.


The presentations were held several times every day in out booth. Whenever the presentation began, a big crowd of people gathered here. We also provided beverages so all the visitors could have a drink while hearing the presentation.


On the third day there was another formal presentation. The one who gave the speech was our researcher Mr. Ishibashi. So many people came to hear the speech and almost all the seats were taken.



We had a big booth this time so we also brought the testing machine here. There were a miniature and plastic material/cracked oil samples on display as well. Visitors could know more about our plant by seeing the display and hearing the introduction from us at the same time.

We were very thankful to see so many visitors here during the 4-day exhibition.

Hiroki Satou (Domestic sales)