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The interview revealed on the newspaper was about the group company named as CFP CORPORATION. (Japanese local newspaper: CHUGOKU Morning Paper dated as of Dec. 2nd)

Here is the translation for the news.

Topic“Asia’s Hot Wind Chapter One Enormous Market- India”

Companies from Japan are trying to tap into Indian market. Small and medium-sized enterprises are groping their ways finding the key to open the market.
They are expecting the technology as the selling point to expand the sales.

“Doing business with 15 companies”

CFP CORPORATION (located in FUKUYAMA, HIROSHIMA), of which the main business focuses on raw materials’ recycling & sales, began to export resin to India 4 years ago. Today they have business relationship with 15 makers and trading companies.
President Ms. Fukuda has been to India and negotiated with about 30 companies by herself for many times to explore the market. She said, “Unlike big companies where decision-making always takes a long time, small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, surpass them in many ways such as the above. I want to challenge the infinite Indian market.” She will no doubt keep on her challenging mind.