Overseas Operations

Supporting Manufacturing,Globally and Rapidly

Based on the world’s plastic situation, we are engaged in Third-country Trade, B2B Matching.
In the Waste Management Business, we distribute the Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion plant which group companiy has obtained patents.
We support our customers’ businesses with flexible ideas based on information from local staff and partner companies, transcending national and regional boundaries.

Plastic Business

Matching Case

1. Eaxmple) Export from Japan : Sell PP repro pellet made in Japan to Company A (China), Company B (Taiwan) and Company C (Vietnam)

Inquiry of PP repro pellet from oversea and sell local product from Japan

2. Example) Import to Japan: Import PS prime pellet from oversea and sell to Company A (Japan)

Import oversea material into Japan based on request from local user in Japan and sell

3. Sales in oversea: Purchase PE WAX from Company A in Malaysia and sell it to Company B in China

Purchase suitable material from other country based on foregin customer request and sell

The above is one of many examples. Please tell us your inquiry first. We await your contact.


What We Handle

Commodity PlasticPPPEEVA
Engineering PlasticPCPAPOM

Commodity Plastic

Engineering Plastic


Product Shapes(One example)

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Waste Management Business

We distribute the Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion plant which group companiy has obtained patents.

Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion PlantSuitable MaterialsPE(Low density, Linear low density, High density, Ultra high molecular weight, Cross-linked), PP, PS
Acceptable raw materialsEVA, EVOH, nitrogen-containing materials, and sulfur-containing materials.
Unsuitable MaterialsPVC(Can be mixed up to 10%), PET
Capacity20t / day
waste plastic pyrolysis oilPropertyLight oil, medium oil, heavy oil.
Use・Circular raw materials
・Internal combustion engine fuel
Off-gasPropertyCombustible gas such as methane, ethane, propane and butane.
UseOil conversion plant fuel

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