Waste Management

Create Energy from Plastic Waste

CFP Group conducts R&D of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant, and is able to chemically recycle waste plastic that is not suited for Material recycling using a technique called conversion of waste plastics into oil resources. Through conversion of waste plastics into oil resources, it is possible to obtain cracked oil that can be used as various types of fuels.

Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant

[Reasons For Choosing Our Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant]

  • The use of the cracked oil is wide because the oil component can be controlled by reflux technology.(our patent technology)
  • Low running cost by exhaust heat and off-gas recovery system.
  • A long continuous run is made possible because the extracting equipment prevents buildup of residue.
  • Operator can save the trouble of excahnge or regeneration of catalyst because of catalyst-free plant.

[The Merits of Installing Our Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant]

  • Max. 3,650ton(10ton/day×365day) waste plastics can be converted into 3,650kL cracked oil(worth diesel fuel) per year.
  • In the case of power generation using craked oil, 15% of power is used in Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant, remaining 85% can be applied to selling.
  • Power generation using cracked oil gives us non-fossil energy.
  • By using craked oil as an alternative to commercial fuel, we can reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Significant reduction of industrial waste disporsal cost.
  • Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant can prolong the lives of final disposal site. 
Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion PlantSuitable MaterialsPE(Low density, Linear low density, High density, Ultra high molecular weight, Cross-linked), PP, PS
Unsuitable MaterialsPET, PVC, etc.
Capacity10t / day
Cracked oilPropertyWorth diesel fuel
Use・Diesel generator fuel
・Oil conversion plant fuel
・Boiler fuel
・Forklift fuel
・Heavy machine fuel etc.
Off-gasPropertyCombustible gas such as methane, ethane, propane and butane.
UseOil conversion plant fuel


We engage in the wide range of research in order to explore the possibility of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant.
・Oil conversion test of waste plastics.
・Analysis of craked oil.
・Research and development of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant.



FacilityWaste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion and Power generation Plant
Capacity4,000kg / day
Generator2 units of 535kW diesel power generator
Waste plasticsMainly dirty film plastic(PE/PP/PS) from food factory
Usage of the cracked oilGenerator fuel, Oil conversion plant fuel
Usage of off-gasOil conversion plant fuel

Cape Town, South Africa. Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant.

ProjectFunded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
Project period:March 2014 to Sep. 2016
FacilityWaste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion and Power generation Plant
Pre-treatmentWasher, Crusher, Extruder
Capacity500kg/day pilot plant
Generator150kVA diesel power generator
LocationCape Town, Republic of South Africa
The Kraaifontein Waste management facility

Johor, Malaysia

ProjectHHI Waste to Energy Project
FacilityWaste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant
Capacity4,000kg / day
Generator500kW(under planning)
LocationJohor, Malaysia
Usage of the cracked oilGenerator fuel, Oil conversion plant fuel, Forklift fuel
Usage of the off-gasOil conversion plant fuel

Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Test Facility

FacilityWaste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Test Facility
Usage of the cracked oilGenerator fuel
OtherBatch-type, Test facility


Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant all over the world.

We are making efforts to proactively spread Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion Plant not only domestically, but in areas overseas where environmental problems are serious. In order to protect our beautiful Earth and in order to keep our limited resources into the future, CFP Group aim to realize a Circular recycling.