Privacy Policy

Personal information is personally identifiable information such as name, zip code, mailing address, phone number, age, date of birth, gender, occupation, email address etc.

Protection and deal with personal information

To perform our work smoothly when operating this site, CFPGroup obtain and use personal information to the extent required.
Together with respecting customer privacy and giving due consideration to personal information, we endeavor to safeguard that information with great care and exercise appropriate control over it.
We recognize that customers (the persons themselves) possess the right to demand that actions be taken such as disclosure, corrections, and suspension of use regarding their personal information. If there is such a demand, we will promptly respond within reasonable limits based upon the laws and ordinances.

Compliance with laws and regulations

CFP Group complies with laws and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

Acquiring and use of personal information

Personal information received from our customers will be used for the following purposes.
Customer information will be used for the purpose of responding to inquiries, sending materials and documents to customer, and for quote requests.
In the case that purpose of use exceeds a reasonable scope, we will present a new purpose of use and inform the customer of such and use the customer information after obtaining the consent of the customer.

Provision of Personal Data to a Third Party

CFP Group will never hand over or share your personal information except under the following circumstances.
・When approved and permitted by you yourself
・When requested through legal procedures


CFP Group will exercise the utmost due diligence to ensure that all the information provided on this website is accurate, but this is by no means a guarantee. The information posted on this website is subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
Please note that we do not take responsibility or liability for any losses arising from the use of this website.


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