Synthetic resins

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Plastic Materials Reprocessing

Reprocessing Flow

We recycle the waste plastics into pellet at our own factory. By production at own factory, we can manage the raw material, process, recycle material efficiently.

What We Handle

Commodity PlasticPPPEEVA
Engineering PlasticPCPAPOM

Commodity Plastic

Engineering Plastic


For Buyers

We handle various plastic materials and propose based on customer’s request.

Plastic materials sales flow

Please contact us

We do handle various materials such as prime resin, off grade resin, regrind, reprocessed pellet etc. Please let us know what you are looking for first. > contact form

Check your needs

We are willing to know your details such as the specification, quantity, usage and price for your demand.

Quotation and sample

We make the estimation in writing under your condition and send it to you. Please feel free to ask the sample for your quality check.

For Sellers

Please tell us whatever you want to sell.

Plastic materials Purchase flow

Please contact us

Please use the contact form to let us know the details of the material you want to sell.

Material checking

Whether we can purchase or not and purchase price will be depending on material condition. We may need to visit your place to check actual goods and sample.


Based on what we have checked, we give quotation.

What We Can Buy

Here are the resins that we handles.

Product Shapes(One example)

What we cannot take

  • Materials with purging agent
  • Unsorted materials
  • Materials with the contamination such as ink, soil, wood, oil etc. and/or with a lot of dirt
  • Laminated materials which are unable to be recycled
  • Bulky, light, uncompressed and uncrushed materials
  • Materials with foreign objects such as metal and other resins
  • Even though your materials are under the above condition, they might have the opportunity to be handled depending on the condition. We appreciate to propose how to take care of them for material-recycling even in the case and please ask us with ease.


We have warehouses near to the ports in Japan and arrange the transportation to pick up your cargoes according to the quantity (4MT, 10MT, trailer etc.). We also appreciate that you bring your goods to us and please ask us how we can serve you.

Our company builds sustainability through Plastic Materials.

We provide a wide range of services, including the sales, processing (recycling), and purchase of plastic materials.
As the Earth’s environment goes through changes, those developments apply significant changes to the Plastic Materials industry and environment as well. Within these changing times, we identify new trends in their early stages through coordination with our overseas hubs, and use our extensive wealth of experience and knowledge to support our customers.