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Challenge to the Future Possibility
Our Business

Our Business

Build sustainable society
through Plastic Materials
Plastic materials Buy, Reprocess, Sell, Import & Export

We provide a wide range of services, including the sales, processing (recycling), and purchase of plastic materials. Our task is to solve the Plastic Materials-related issues of our customers. As the Earth's environment goes through changes, those developments apply significant changes to the Plastic Materials industry and environment as well. Within these changing times, we identify new trends in their early stages through coordination with our overseas hubs, and use our extensive wealth of experience and knowledge to support our customers.

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Create Energy
from Plastic Waste
Waste Plastic -to- Oil Conversion System

We are working hard at chemical recycling as being a method to realize both a solution to environmental problems and the generation of energy. In chemical recycling, plastics, which were made from oil, are resolved into oil once again. At our company's research institute, we are engaged comprehensively with reseach, design, development, manufacture and distribution of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion plant .

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Energy at Present and Future
Power Generation Business

We support the initiatives that companies and local governments are adopting toward carbon neutrality through the proposal of non-fossil fuel energy generated from the Waste Plastic-to-Oil Conversion system(our patent technology).
We will install Biomass Power Station and solar panels as initiatives within our company and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable decarbonized society.

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Supporting Manufacturing,
Globally and Rapidly
Overseas Operations

We cross over fences called "countries" and "regions" and, offer various proposals regarding the sale and purchase of plastic and synthetic rubber materials and Third-country Trade.
We support our customers' businesses with flexible ideas by responding to rapid changes in market conditions through the concerted efforts of staff and partner companies who are experts in local conditions.

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Action for SDGs

CFP Group are making our efforts to achieve ​SDGs under our corporate philosophy, Challenge to the Future Possibility.
We are confident that our daily business activities and efforts will contribute to the development of society and the prosperity of our clients.