A delegation from Cape Town, South Africa visits Japan to inspect waste-management and recycling technologies

In December, 2014, through an invitation from JICA, three representatives (one city
council member and two city officials) from Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa
arrived in Japan to learn of Japan’s waste-management and recycling technologies.
During their stay, they visited a waste incineration plant in Hiroshima City, a recycling
plant and an RDF power plant in Fukuyama City, and our company (CFP).
On December 1st, the city of Cape Town made a courtesy visit to Hiroshima Prefecture’s
Governor Yuzaki, where representatives from JICA and CFP were also present.

Governor Yuzaki himself assisted in the promotion of CFP’s Waste Plastic-to-Oil
Production system and facilitated a relationship of mutual trust between the city of
Cape Town and CFP in Hiroshima.
Through the sale of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Production system, we hope to make significant
and lasting contributions to the development of Hiroshima’s local economy


On December 2nd, the delegation visited CFP for a meeting regarding progress on
South Africa’s pilot project, and had a discussion with us on next year’s installation and
operation of Waste Plastic-to-Oil Production plant.


Through a consignment contract with JICA, CFP is currently implementing “diffusion
and demonstration projects”※ of our waste plastic fuel technology in Cape Town.
South Africa’s waste plastic recycling rate is approximately 18%, a relatively low rate
with most plastic waste being dumped directly into landfill sites. Cape Town is one of
the few cities in South Africa that separates the waste into several categories. Through
the introduction of CFP’s Waste Plastic-to-Oil Production system, they are aiming the
goal of alleviating South Africa’s environmental problems by creating a recycling system
for sustainable waste management.

※ “Diffusion and demonstration projects” are a type of overseas development
assistance project run by JICA for small and medium-sized companies. The goal is to
demonstrate the effectiveness of the products and technologies of small and
medium-sized Japanese companies in the development of developing countries, and to
speed diffusion of these technologies through enhanced regional adaptability. JICA
concluded a contract with a consortium of CFP and Kanemiya Co. Ltd. (Aichi
Prefecture) in March of 2014. This project is expected to contribute to developing
countries and revitalize regional economies where adopting companies are located.

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