Lovely Animals in South Africa

We had a business trip to South Africa to attend the 1st Project Progress meeting for the Pilot Survey for the conversion of waste plastics to fuel in the City of Cape Town, South Africa.

We had a little free time in the late Sunday afternoon, so we visited the Lion Park in the suburbs of Pretoria.

There are various kinds of local rare animals and predacious animals like Lions, White Lions, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, etc.

We felt like we were in African Safari by watching animals closely from a car window.
We even had to open the window half way to take pictures of Lions.




When we visited there, it was the feeding day which is only Sundays.
It was so real to see Lions biting and eating the raw meat of feed.


Female Lions usually get together. But Male Lion is alone and looks lonely like a father in somewhere (in Japan?)


The main attraction here is to be able to take pictures with lovely cub Lions.

The cub Lions are so cute and touchable, but their sizes are like big dogs.
So we were a little afraid to touch them after all…

Tetsuya Sato