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Waste-to-oil pyrolysis plant factory tour (guests from South Africa)

Far from Japan, we welcomed two guests from South Africa.

It takes over 20 hours for one way… but they are staying only two nights this time due to their tight business schedule in South Africa. First time to Japan. So, I was a little worried “Can we really satisfy them…?”

Firstly we visited the factory.


With this machine, waste plastics can be converted into valuable diesel oil substitution. They said oil price is relatively high in South Africa, so I could see a big potential.

Listening to our lecture very seriously.


They were very satisfied by looking at the yellow & clear oil which just have been converted from waste plastics.


After the factory tour, we had a haggling session.


About pre-treatment, oil, yield and financial feasibility etc… we have discussed to realize the installation the waste-to-oil plant to South Africa. I strongly felt how valuable to actually meet our customers and talk face to face.


After our haggling session is finished, we have moved to authentic Japanese restaurant. Because we informed to bring foreigner guest, they provided a waitress who speaks English. (Tokyo is quite neat….)

He couldn’t stop smiling getting served by pretty lady in Japanese dress so-called Kimono. Sure, I understand  :)


Delicious food, fun talk, time went by so fast.


There were a little unexpected thing.


He didn’t know what is Wasabi (=green horseradish paste. Very strong Japanese spice)
and ate a big chunk at once by accident!




Wiping the running tears…. well, so sorry.. but I had to take a photo for our memories 🙂


After our fun dinner, we had a little shopping time.

Next day, we went out for a little sightsee.



“Asakusa district” very crowded with so many visitors, but I was happy to see our guest having fun by feeling Japan.


Peace sign by everyone!


Despite of their crazy tight schedule, they didn’t show fatigue, and always being gentlemen. They are now willing to come back to Japan in three month. I’m very excited to moving this project forward.
In my mind, I promised myself to work with utmost effort to be able to meet their expectation.


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Akiko Robinson