Demonstration for “Waste plastics-to-Oil converting” in Malaysia

Recycle Energy started the demonstration for waste plastics-to-oil converting with the local company in Malaysia.
We send the pilot plant for waste plastics to oil converting to Malaysia and use the Malaysian waste plastics for the test.
The testing period is about 4 months, till next February.


We came to Malaysia from Fukuyama(Japan), where our head office is located, by the night flight.


We sent the plant by container.


Luckily there is no damage during the shipment that I worried. We could assemble well.
The local staff are all very friendly and frank. It’s going to be fun!
We were able to test immediately because they perfectly arranged all the utility we need.
We feel Malaysian company’s enthusiasm for this project.


I’d like to use this local raw material to test. For the first experiment, it made my heart throb.



The local staff have remembered the operation of plant immediately, and they are very dependable.


They showed us their smile faces when we just got the cracked oil. It made us happy too.


Everyone is interested in our cracked oil from the waste plastics.


We got good cracked oil.


We tried to put the cracked oil into a small generator for the test.


Turning the fan by electricity generated.
Good job!!
We plan to use the cracked oil for the forklift also.
From now on, we’ll promote our waste plastics-to-oil converting business in overseas little by little.
Please expect !