About the Automatic Distillation Equipment.

This time I plan to talk about the Automatic Distillation Equipment.
First, here is photo.



This Equipment is basically used to check whether the gasoline, kerosene, etc. are applicable to the standard as production. After checked by this equipment, the production can be delivered.

But, we are using this equipment to determine the property of oil that we get from our test. Therefore, the usage is actually a bit different from usual. The setting of this equipment is adjusted for our usage (special) to measure the unknown oil

Basically, this equipment measures from the initial boiling point (the temperature to get the initial drop of when the oil was distilled.) to the end point. Also, it measures the amount of residual oil, a total amount of distilled and the mass reduction. Besides, it helps to correct the pressure. Now it became very reliable member of our team.

Even if I do not introduce this part, this equipment can produce automatically 10% of the residual oil that is necessary for the micro carbon residue test machine to measure the carbon residue. And it automatically removes the Naphtha when we use Rancimat, which is analytical instrument to measure Oxidative Stability. Until I receive this equipment, I removed the Naphtha by using the boiled water manually. Now it is really a big help to me!

Because of it I can go home little earlier now.