Introduction of Analytical Equipment

Today I would like to introduce our analytical equipment instead of the analyzing result. (analyzing results will be updated later)
First of all, this is FID gas chromatograph, used for checking the component of the cracked oil from our plant.


Briefly speaking, this is the machine by which we can analyze the percentage of each component with just a few drops of oil. Like the above picture shows, whenever we pour the oil into the microsyringe (something like injector), the machine like the word processor on the left side will print out a graph.


The horizontal axis shows the passage of time, and by observing the peaks within a certain time frame we could tell naphtha, kerosene/diesel, heavy oil, and wax apart. (we have to check by the standard specimen beforehand, though).

For example, if the range from 4-10min indicates naphtha, we have to calculate the total dimension of that part of graph so as to know how much naphtha is contained.

After the calculation of each part,


This is the result we got. The percentage of each component shows clearly here.

We still have many different analytical equipments and I will find some other time to introduce them.