Business Seminar in Chennai, India during November 9th-13th

Business Seminar in Chennai, India during November 9th-13th

We are proud to be invited to the seminar (hosted by Japan METI and India CII) as one of the representative infrastructure enterprises of Japan.

On the first day we made our own schedule and paid a visit to one plastic factory. Here they manufacture caps and covers for cosmetics products and all are sold to the cosmetics companies after assembling the caps. They sometimes import materials so we made an appeal to them for future business opportunity.



In the afternoon we visited another factory around outskirts where oil is produced from plastics. The farther we were away from the downtown, the more herds of cows we saw. Although I’ve heard a lot about cows in India, it is still very shocking so I couldn’t help taking a shot.


The boss in the factory gave us a grand tour. He indicated that, currently the cracked oil is sold as boiler fuel but in the near future he is going to start the operation of the refinery plant (shown in the pic) and the oil after refinery can be sold at a higher price. After hearing that, I deeply believe that we are correct to have decided to develop a compact oil-converting plant with refinery equipment.



The second day was seminar. It is a summit regarding investment in infrastructure of South India and therefore the theme includes urban development, electricity and infrastructure. The speech and discussion were held for one whole day.


The buffet party was held in the early evening. One interesting thing I found is that, it seems that Indians like sweets very much and a crowd of suits just lined up in front of the ice cream & cake corner.


of the different opinions about the market condition, all the customers mentioned they are suffering from the currency problem while importing reprocessed resin.

Keiei Kyo (Overseas sales)