TV broadcasting “Environmental Technology in Kitakyushu to Southeast Asia”

Recycle Energy Co., Ltd. participated in Thailand Environment Exhibition 「3W Expo」held from 22Jan (Tue) to 24Jan (Thu), 2013.

We really appreciate that many visitors to our booth and its strong interest in our technology.
We could obtain the latest information from enterprise or researches of Thailand or other Asian countries through this exhibition.
Since our R&D office is located in Kitakyushu city, we set our booth in Kitakyushu booth during this exhibition.
Kitakyushu city continues the advanced action in the environmental field and its know-how is in spotlight.

The news program of RKB, the television station in Fukuoka Prefecture, broadcasted about this exhibition and our business meeting was also broadcasted.

【30th Jan, 2013, RKB Broadcasting 「KYO KAN TV」 】

Kitakyushu City accumulates steadily the technical know-how in the environment field.
Such effort is highly evaluated in Asian countries and others and we felt the effort obtains deep trust. We were also able to appeal our plastic-to-oil converting plant to the customers in various countries.
We take this opportunity to express our most sincere gratitude to relevant parties. Thank you very much for your continuous supporting.

Recycle Energy Co, Ltd.