Demonstration for “Waste plastics-to-Oil converting” in Malaysia (Sequel)

This is Fukuda from Development Department. I’m continuing the demonstration for “Waste plastics-to-Oil converting” in Malaysia, which is totally summer season every day compared with Japan that has cold wave more than usual season.
This time we invited the guests who are interested in our waste plastics-to-oil converting plant at IGEM(International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia)held in Kuala Lumpur in Oct 2012 to show them the real pilot plant operation scene. Near 10 companies totally came to our demonstration within 2 days.


We show the guests the data of demonstration and the characteristics of the oil of these two months.


We have exchanged our views and opinions actively while facing to the cracked oil converted from local waste plastics.


We run a small generator by using 100% cracked oil.

Put the mixed oil (cracked oil 50%: diesel 50%) into forklift, and then we showed our guests that the forklift is moving.


Finally we explained the doubt and questions from our guests till they understand and we could finish the demonstration well.


We think we could tell our guests fully about what kind of oil is available and can be used for generator and forklift during this Demonstration for “Waste plastics-to-Oil converting” in Malaysia.

We plan to test cheap raw materials and make effort to use our cracked oil for construction machine as fuel in 2013.

Year-End Dinner with everyone of CFP Trading Singapore belongs to CFP Group Corporation. Appreciate them for always supporting our Demonstration in Malaysia.


I will keep trying my best to expand the “Waste plastics-to-Oil converting” business in Malaysia and looking forward to your cooperation in the future.