News of Oil Analysis


Analysis result of EVA testing (ethylene acetic acid vinyl copolymer) is as below.
Totally the test had been done for 3 days. Each proportion of the cracked oil derived is:
Naphtha(C5-C9) … 29.6%
Diesel/Kerosene(C9-C17)… 49.0%
Heavy oil(C18-)… 21.4%
The iodine value, used for the property evaluation of Biodiesel, of the above is 69-89, indicating that all the oils are non-drying.
The total acid value which shows degree of oil deterioration is negative. This is a strong evidence showing that the cracked oil is of good quality.
However, what we put was used agricultural polyethylene mixed with wood and soil and therefore we also got a lot of residue inside the reactor. Thus this yield wasn’t satisfying.
We’d like to continue our research based on this so as to improve the yield from now on.