Business Conference・Inspection in Sichuan, China during August 22nd-26th

Ever since Hiroshima Pref. had a sister city relationship with Sichuan Pref., both of them have kept communicating with each other for more than 26 years. As the first time for Hiroshima governor to visit Sichuan, lots of events such as conference and discussion session are planned so as to enhance their friendly relations

As for our company, this is also the first time to pay a visit to midcontinent China. Hence aside from all the events held by the government, I tried to get as many appointments as possible with new local customers

Here let me show you our full schedule firstly. I would like to share some details of part of it.

flight & meeting with RCC


Arrival time at Chengdu airport: 10:30PM. The city was shining with neon lights, making me develop a delusion that I was at Shanghai.

We accepted a closeup interview by one TV station in Hiroshima so we made a stop at the hotel where their staff were staying and had a brief meeting.

discussion session with Sichuan EA


The discussion session was based on the questionnaire completed by the Japanese companies and submitted to Sichuan environment agency (EA) beforehand. Regarding the question that I was eager to know the answer of, they indicated that our oil-converting plant is qualified for a subsidy specified in the 5th article of the subsidy policy.

courtesy call on Sichuan governor

A photo with Hiroshima governor and staff from industrial promoting institution in front of the hotel

signing ceremony with Sichuan government


During the signing ceremony for expansion of economic exchanges, I tried to cut in the crowd of the press and took a shot of both governors from Hiroshima and Sichuan! It is probably my subjective point of view but, isn’t the Sichuan governor a bit like Mr. Hu, the top leader in China?


company visiting *plastic factory*



We paid a visit to one plastic factory in Modern Industrial Port area. They manufacture reels for tapes (as shown in the above pic) by using scraps or reprocessed pellets of black HIPS.


company visiting * trading center of reprocessed resin*


We also went to the trading center of reprocessed resin (said to be the biggest trading center in midcontinent China). The guy from the company we visited mentioned that they buy reprocessed resin mainly form southern China and sell locally

They showed a great interest in the samples we brought from Japan, burning them with their cigarette lighter, smelling and tasted them.

business matching

While there were 9 companies from Japan side, more than 30 local companies participated in this business matching. Unluckily all of them were in the business field of water treatment so we didn’t meet any who had waste plastics to process. However some of them (who have never heard of oil conversion) still showed interest in our product so we spent some time explaining the basic information to them.

welcome reception hosted by Sichuan governor



The welcome reception party hosted by Sichuan governor. All the seats were arranged for participants from Hiroshima and Sichuan to sit alternately so we had a great chance to communicate with each other.

business talk *BDF production plant*


We were able to see the customer from Sichuan whom I met in the Shanghai exhibition this May. They want to grab the chance to start the biodiesel production a.s.a.p. as the law against the current illegal recycle of waste cooking oil is getting stricter day by day.

company visiting *plastic reprocessing factory*



This is a pic of the plastic reprocessing factory we visited in the suburbs. They purchased domestic and industrial films and after separating by hand, they used the machine in the pic to wash, crush and granulate to produce pellets. The pellets are of good quality and the selling price is said to be quite high.



A fashionable street with many restaurants happened to be next to our hotel. We went to the starbucks almost every day. I always feel that the coffee after work tastes better than the one I drink other time.

It was a short 5-day business trip but I was lucky to have chances to talk with government officials and to collect the information about the local plastic industry from many people who are actually involved in this business. I personally think this trip means the most among all the trips of mine.

Keiei Kyo (Overseas sales)