Introduction of Analytical Equipment – acid vale & iodine value

Today I am going to introduce the analytical equipment for evaluating automatically whether oil is deteriorated or whether the oil is easy to deteriorate.


On the left side is the equipment. The upper component is designed to be removable and changeable according to the titration quantity.

When talking about titration, the only experience with me is using burette by hand. Therefore the first time when I used this equipment, I was so surprised and thought “how amazing the machine is!” However after getting used to it “Come on! Speed up!” is what I have in mind. How scaring it is for human beings to get used to something…

Strictly speaking the left side is for analyzing acid value and the right side iodine value.

Acid value is defined as the necessary potassium hydroxide (unit: mg) to neutralize FFA which is contained in the oil, and the number shows how much acid is contained.

On the other hand iodine value is one of the barometer to evaluate the chemical substance. The iodine value is shown in the unit of gram, and it is calculated in terms of halogen quantity that has been able to react with each 100g feedstock. C=C bond is easy to deteriorate and we can know the degree by the iodine value.

Well it seems difficult for everybody to understand the details, though…
I will keep updating more information here.