Waste plastics-to-oil converting plant factory tour and business talk for the guests from European company

Our guests from Europe stayed in Japan from 13 Nov to 16 Nov for the factory tour of Waste plastics-to-oil converting plant, pre-treatment equipment and business talk with us.
After they arrived at Narita Airport, we took a train to Tokyo with them. Despite of long trip, they immediately started to ask us the questions about our plant on the train.
They were very aggressive.


For the dinner, their first words were Sushi Bar. They all like Japanese food very much, even can eat Natto Sushi.


They were listening to our explanation very seriously and inspected the plant with energy.


The clear oil which just has been successfully converted from waste plastics made everyone very happy.


See the most-advanced pre-treatment equipment in Japan, “Oh Great!!”


The last part of their visit in Japan was the electronics store in Akihabara. The large scale astonished them.
It is said that the price of new released Ipad Mini is absolutely cheaper in Japan.

Our guests said they want to convert waste plastics into oil to use as fuel for power generation in Europe also.
I really felt that we want to operate Japanese oil-converting plant in Europe also during these days.