New Environmental Exhibition 2012

We got our booth for a big prosperous undertaking, 「New Environmental Exhibition」 which was held on 22~25 of May, 2012.



Hello, Everyone!
We had our company booth at New Environmental Exhibition that was held in Tokyo Big Sight this year same as last year.


The weather was not really good till 2nd day of the exhibition (it was not good at last year also…), but it became shiny day and hot enough to spend by half-shirt only from 3rd day of the exhibition.

This is our Exhibition Booth. We designed our booth based on green color this year also.
Our booth for this year is only 3 booths which is smaller than last year’s 10 booths, but we changed name card with same number of people or more people than last year. I felt people have high attention on the waste plastic cracking oil system again.


We have introduced two types of the Plastic Waste Catalytic Cracking Oil Plants, Catalytic Cracking Oil Production and Pyrolysis Oil Production.
The Pyrolysis Oil Production, which we present from this year, is considered the converted oil for generator use. This is more likely for the generator use.

It might be due to increase of the electrical cost by various reasons, but we got a good impression and interest on our equipment from many visitors. And I was glad to hear the comment, “this equipment is good and suitable for the current time period,” from our visitor.



The number of visitors for this exhibition in 4 days was more than 160,000. This number is more than the one of last year and the exhibition was close with great success.



Besides the Government Organization, I feel happy that it is a good chance to share and talk with all kind of different film’s Scientist/Researcher and the Businessman.
I had a great opportunity to talk with various types of industry and occupation, such as Government administrator, Researcher, Manager etc.
I would like to thank for all of visitors stopped by our booth.
As mentioned on company philosophy, we would like to work as hard as possible to promote the protection of the environment in the earth and to contribute to the society. Please continue your favors towards us, Recycle Energy Co., Ltd.

Kenji Fukuda