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IETF 2011(19th International Engineering & Technology Fair)

IETF 2011(19th International Engineering & Technology Fair) Feb. 10th-12th in New Delhi

Number of exhibitors: 242 (year 2011)
Number of visitors: 14,127 (general visitors excluded) (data in year 2009, Bangalore)



New Delhi, the capital of India, is crowded with people and full of vitality as expected. After experiencing a ride in the unique taxi named “tukutuku”, we loved it so much that we decided to take it every day back and forth to the exhibition hall.



We enjoyed the hospitality of our hotel located in Connaught Place (the downtown). While seeing a lot of high-end stores, we surprisingly found out there was a completely different view from our hotel window. Every morning the residents climbed up to the roof, brushing their teeth and hanging out the laundry over there.



Something bad happened before the exhibition began: the miniature of our plant sent by surface was totally broken! We went to the post office (shown in the picture) for two times to pick it up and it took both of us a whole hour to fix it.


From the first day we had a lot of visitors and many of them were drawn by the keyword “diesel.” We’ve heard that diesel is expensive in India while in high demand so there is a huge potential market of our plant. The biodiesel production has been very popular here and Jatropha is the main material. People are expecting new technology to make the production more effective and profitable.



Visitors from foreign countries were few but luckily we met two from France. They are in the waste management business and deal with especially electrical appliances. They mentioned about providing us with samples to test in Japan. Besides, the customers we met in the Shanghai exhibition last year showed up again here with their person in charge to have further business talk.


There were visitors and visitors coming to our booth till the last day. In the picture we were talking to five of them at the same time and they were from different companies! (I was aware I have to help instead of taking a picture but just one for memory…)


The exhibition demonstrates a variety of Japanese technology regarding environmental management and energy savings. The cute elephant character from some company often bumps into the passerby so be careful when you go by it!


While talking about India, people always come up with curry. I was lucky enough to enjoy lots of different curry dishes and all of them were so yummy. (The picture shows the dish named CHICKEN BIRIYAKI sold in the exhibition cafeteria)

Keiei Kyo (Overseas sales)